Cmd line executables of RTKlib 2.4.3 Emlid b28


for postprocessing of more than 5 points it is a pain to work with the gui version of RTKlib. Where can I get the corrosponding executables to automate the postprocessing process?


Isn’t there an answer for my question? Does @emlid simply avoid to publish it? Is so, would it be possible that @emlid publishes a gui versions which can read the survey csv-files and calculate solutions for each survey periode?

And if @emlid does that, could you please inlude a lever-arm correction which takes the flight direction into account? Should be fairly easy. Not so much later you could include the IMU data to make the result even better.

Hi @tobias-dahms,

You can find our RTKLIB version code by following this link.

Thanks for your feature request, we’ll think about implementing them.

Which branch/tags do we have to take ? Master ?

Thank you very much, excuse my ignorance, do I have to compile the win executables myself? I have not done that before… .

I have seen your git before but was wondering about the update times 4 years ago… . Is this the current version?

@Sylvain_POULAIN, @tobias-dahms

Please, use this emlid_2.4.3 branch.

The last version was released in April.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to compile it by yourself, yes.

Ok, thx, than I will learn how to do that.

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