Cm accuracy with just rover... possible?

Hi there, I’ve used a RS2 rover only to collect some local point data, is it possible to now post process these to gain centimetre accuracy, and correctly apply the geoid separation to EPSG:27700 - OSGB 1936 / British National Grid ?

Usually I use an NTRIP service but I had no phone signal (due to storm) and even with that have not managed to get the geoid right.

Is there a work flow to follow.

Many thanks

Mr g

If the NTRIP service you use can also provide RINEX logs for their CORS receivers, you could follow the PPK workflow in Emlid Studio. There is also other software that can do this with enhanced features and QA, but it’ll cost you.

Hi @DataNovice,

Gabriel is right about logs from CORS. One more point to note: Emlid Studio only outputs geographic coordinates and ellipsoidal height.

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