Cloud based access request

:cloud: Hello Emlid team just thinking if the RS2 units could be cloud based , so you could access the base RS2 from anywhere, is something like that possible ? Or is the hardware to much of a issue ?


Yes! And to extend further functionality ability to connect survey to PostGIS database hosted on the cloud. Upload/download to and from any database connection with access to internet


Is it even near possible??

It is possible two ways:

  1. You get a static IP for the RS2 base station and open a public-facing TCP port to serve corrections through.

  2. The more common way is to use a server on the public internet to receive the corrections from the RS2 base station and resend them to any client that requests them. (this is what NTRIP is all about)

And then there are the networked methods where the data from several base stations is mixed together before being distributed to clients as corrections. (VRS, SSR)

I was talking about logging into reach rs2 to change a setting or look at status via cloud instead of through the wifi , but the wifi thing would still be required :smiley: :emlid:


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