Cloud adress?

Hi, everyone.
What is the cloud address of RV3 APP? from the Windows PC?

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The receiver hotspot is usually and if it jumps on your WiFi network it will be in your configured range.

I meant it differently.
In the new app, the projects and points are synchronized to a cloud with my emlid account.
How do I get from the pc to this cloud?

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Or is it the case that I cannot access the cloud via the PC?
is there an app for windows?
It would then sync again, wouldn’t it?


ReachView 3 is a mobile app and has no Windows version. You can’t access sync data in cloud by Windows PC as well. Still you can get them via any mobile device with latest update of ReachView 3 app in your account.

Can you specify why it can be important for you? Do you need to access survey data straight from the app without any exports and transfers?

Then the GIS draftsman could always access the project directly and create the required export himself.

I’ve thought about it again.
I think it would be a shame if you couldn’t access the cloud from your PC in the future.
Now that the data is already in one cloud.
What do other users think about it?

Hi @Boess_Infra,

I got your point. What you described sounds like a logical extension of the Account sync we’ve just implemented.

I think Kirill wanted to know more about your use case. We have our vision, but if you (or other users) share yours, it would be nice :slightly_smiling_face:


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