Clarification - post processing (no live link)

Hi, I have one rover and one base. I am planning to do a measurement that do not need any live correction.
I am only interested in the relative movement of the rover compared to the base station.

Is it possible to set this up in advance, so when I am on site, all I have to do is:

  1. plug in power (rover/base not connected to any network and not connected to each other)
  2. wait some minutes
  3. unplug power

Then go back to my office and do all readings/corrections with RTK quality?

(I am using 2.3 beta)

But you will not be able to monitor or verfy that you have enough good data to do a accurat measure in post.
Edit: Unless you log in to reach hotspot and browser or via bluetooth.

When the actual measurement is being done, the unit is out of wifi/bluetooth range, so I will have to rely on that it actually works.

Do you know if the Rover should be in single or kinematic mode? (I need kinematic for the end result) I mean, the rover is not getting any inputs from the base while in action.

You only need to enable raw logging on both devices. No need to configure modes.
When your done and back, you download log from reach and process it

At first it seemed a bit overwhelming, but now it start to look really cool…

The “noise spikes” are in the middle of a walking sequence, any idea on how to remove them and leave a blank void?
(I am walking under a large steel crane during the spikes)

I just removed the “spikes” manually in the .pos file. Thanks alot for your quick and helpful replies :slight_smile:

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