Clarification on NTRIP and the Value of Multi-Rover Connections

Hi knowledgeable community members!

I come seeking clarification on a topic related to NTRIP and the use of multiple rovers. Based on my understanding, it seems that when NTRIP is available, the need for alternative methods diminishes. However, I’m curious about scenarios where the use of more than one rover or connections outside of NTRIP may still hold value.

Here are my specific points of inquiry:

NTRIP Availability: In what circumstances would NTRIP be readily accessible? Are there any limitations or considerations when relying solely on NTRIP for rover connections?
Alternative Situations: Are there situations or environments where NTRIP might not be available or feasible? When would connecting and utilizing more than one rover become necessary or beneficial outside of NTRIP? Advantages and Use Cases: What are the potential advantages of using multiple rovers or alternative connection methods? Can you provide examples of practical use cases where such setups prove valuable in the field?

I am eager to hear from those with expertise or experiences in the field. Your insights and explanations will greatly aid in clarifying the value and utility of NTRIP and multi-rover connections.

Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge and shedding light on this matter!

Hi @kiakranthi,

Could you please specify what receiver you intend to use? Knowing this, I’d be able to provide you with more specific recommendations regarding the NTRIP connection.

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