Clarification on ESC connections in Hexacopter

I am at the point where I am ready to connect my 6 ESC’s to the Navio, but thought I would ask just to be sure. I am running a FrSky receiver with SBUS. I have this plugged into the first position labeled PPM/SB then I have the 6 ESC’s plugged into position labeled 1-6 on the Navio. My confusion is for channels 5 which will be mode and 6 which will be my retractable landing gear, where should I plug those into. Should these go into the channel outputs 5 and 6 from the receiver? I thought that would only be for PPM, but am not exactly sure. Better to ask than make a mistake.



As always, 5 seconds after my post, I found my answer. Thanks, in Mission Planner there is an RC Channel Mapping section.