Clarification on Altitude Measurements with Emlid RS2

Hello, I am an owner of an Emlid RS2. I have a question regarding the altitude measured by the instrument. Specifically, I conducted a test by measuring the same point on the ground multiple times (therefore, the altitude of the ground has not changed); however, in the different measurements, I modified the rod height in the Emlid Flow application. During the export phase (CSV), I noticed that the reported height is not that of the ground but that of the antenna. Is this correct or did I misinterpret the data? To get the ground elevation, I suppose it is necessary to subtract the “Antenna height” from the “Elevation” field? Or are there settings that allow for directly exporting the ground elevation without manually modifying the data in Excel (specifically subtracting the antenna height from the measured elevation)? Thank you in advance for the clarification.

Hi @dagdavide,

I see that you are also in contact with us via email. I’ve replied to your email. I suggest we continue there to keep the conversation in one place.

I’ll post the summary of our conversation here once we solve the issue. Thank you!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to update you that we’ve released a fix for this issue. Please update the app in Google Play.

Please note that for the points collected before the fix was released, you would need to update them manually by subtracting the antenna height from the ellipsoidal height to get the point’s position on the ground.