Civil3D Export Workflow

I’m looking to export specific points from a Civil3D file, as well as survey points from a file. Specifically, I would like to be able to export the property markers from Civil3D so I can import them into the emlid and stake everything out.

What’s the best way to export the points, and how do I know what coordinate system they use?

You’ll need to have a base (local or CORS) that transmits in the coordinate system that the CAD is in. Just create a new project using that CRS, export the CSV as #,N,E,Z and import. You won’t get the target or whatever symbol you use but you will see the point. The most important part is knowing that CAD coordinate system and if there are any scale factors.

Hi Will,

Michael gave a good answer about coordinate systems and importing a CSV file in ReachView 3. I can’t indeed say exactly what the CS of your project should be. Perhaps you can check it with the people or services that gave you the data.

You can add a Description field to the CSV file and write point specification information here. This may be useful when staking points out.

I had a little experience with the Civil3D. If I’m not mistaken, this software can export DXF files. This format is now supported by ReachView 3, so you can import it too. In addition, you can check our video guide for more information about importing points and staking them out.

I would recommend turning on the background aerial information in the default CRS for your area and seeing how the CAD fits. If it’s spot on even within a meter then that is what you’ll want to use in Reachview. If it’s off by a couple of hundred feet then it’s probably a scale factor. If it’s way off then it’s probably a different CRS and you would need to find out where the data came from and ask them.

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