Choosing the correct update Rate for Reach Rs

I want to collect static data with Reach Rs, and also use static data from a reference station (trimble) so I can post process both. The reference station has these update rate options: 1sec, 2sec, 5sec, 10sec.
Whats update rate does the Reach Rs have to have, so no problems occur in post processing? (1hz, 5hz, 10hz?).

And also GPS AR mode should be continuous?
thank you for your time.

Anything will go. If you have troubles getting a fix, choose a faster rate, if your processing takes too much time, choose a lower rate.

If you have good SNR, Continous is good option, as is gives you a truer picture. But it won’t give your a solid fix on long baselines or with less-than-ideal SNR.


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