Choosing satellite constellations on the rover to improve fix?

I am surveying in the U.S. - California. Latest Reachview version 2.7.

Base Station - So I have the base station set up to set the base coordinates using a CORS station that is 35km away. It takes a while to get a fix - but it does after 15 - 20 minutes. I just have the GPS constellation turned on for the RTK screen on the Base since that is the only corrections that I have from NGS - CORS. I am using a phone hotspot to get the NTRIP data.

Rover - So initially I have just being using GPS satellites on the rover at 1 HZ. The rover is being used from between 100 m to 400 m away from the base. It takes a while to get an initial fix on the rover and then loses its fix when near trees or other obstructions

Would turning on other satellites, SBAS, Glonass help the fix/multipath issue. Next time I am out there I will try it - but curious about experience of other users.

I understand that the radio/data setup is important when using multiple constellations.

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