Choosing RC receiver

Hello there,
I’d like to buy a RC Receiver for using it on Navio+ board. I would like to skip PWM to PPM conversion, so can you suggest a suitable RC receiver ?
Thanks in advance.

…and are there any consequence on the RC Transmitter I have to choose?


We use Futaba gear (T8FG transmitter) and this little guy:

It converts sbus to cppm, so you can use any sbus receiver. There are also good receivers made by FRSky that output PPM signal.

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Usually you have to use Tx and Rx from the same brand/manufacturer. For some brands there are 3rd party receivers and some transmitters have interchangable tx modules.
The brands I know to have some kind of ppm/serial output receivers are:
FrSky (sbus to ppm converter needed with the new X receivers)
Futaba (sbus to ppm converter needed, still only a single cable from rx to navio)

Personally I switched from Graupner to FrSky, because Graupner was much to expensive.
Graupner is also hard to get outside of europe.
The FrSky Taranis is in my opinion, the best transmitter you can get in its pricerange.
If you plan to really dig into rc, I would not buy anything less. Have a look around the internet for it.

Hello guys,

this thread has lost some posts during forum migration. On these posts, you guys suggested to me some receviers that are natively able to output ppm, to be used with taranis frsky.

Can you provide again these suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Receivers with PPM output:

For ACCST (most FrSky transmitters):

  • FrSky D4R-II 4ch 2.4Ghz ACCST Receiver
  • FrSKY V8R7-SP ACCST 7 Channel RX with composite PPM

For FASST (Futaba & some FrSky trasmitters):

  • FrSky TFR4 4ch 2.4Ghz Surface/Air Receiver FASST Compatible

Some additional information is here -

As for transmitters, FrSky Taranis is the most common option.
Budget option would be Turnigy 9x (9xr) with FrSky trasmitter module

Also D8R-XP

And what about Delta 8

It should have ppm output! It is meant to be used exclusively with futaba radio?

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Delta 8 should also be okay. It is compatible with the following radio systems (not just Futaba):
FrSky D8
FrSky V8
Futaba S-FHSS
Futaba FHSS
Hitec 2.4GHz A-FHSS

I have started collecting info about PPM receivers in docs.

I am anxiously awaiting my Navio+ and have started to look through the code. As I currently do not have a receiver that supports PPM, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to use another type of input. I see that Tridge added sbus.h and sbus.cpp to AP_HAL_Linux six months ago (sbus.cpp). When I look at RCInput.cpp, there is a function:

void LinuxRCInput::_process_sbus_pulse(uint16_t width_s0, uint16_t width_s1)

Of course, in the same file there is also a function:

void LinuxRCInput::_process_ppmsum_pulse(uint16_t width_usec)

And there is even:

void LinuxRCInput::_process_dsm_pulse(uint16_t width_s0, uint16_t width_s1)

I have probably overlooked something, but is there a reason we cannot use sbus or dsm as input as well as ppm on Navio+?

@docwelch Even though this is possible from software perspective due to methods that we use for signal decoding only PPM is currently supported, Sbus creates significant load. We are performing optimizations and would probably overcome this in the future.

Navio+ could not recognized FrSky TFR4 -B.
CH3 and CH4 are connected by a jumper, CH1 will output CPPM and CH2 will output RSSI (PWM). However, APM could not recognized connection of receiver by CPPM. (APM tentatively recognize receiver and saved calibration data when I hocked CH2 of TFR4-B: no way to use )

This TFR4-B has been used with Pixhawk.
Should it better to get FrSky S-BUS to CPPM decoder ?

Two more things to clear before fly my Navio+ ;-p


Please note that servo rail and thus RC Receiver is not powered from the power module. Have you provided power to the receiver?

Yes, sure.
5V supplied on Navio+ servo rail from SBEC.

Now, I found a possibility of an issue that APM Planner is not compatible to ArduCopter running Navio+ and Raspberry Pi 2.
Navio+ can be R/C calibration on Mission Planner 1.3.16.

Maybe you could add that (not powered RC port) to the docs explicitly. I presumed it was like the Pixhawk and the RC (“PPM” on Navio) connector would provide power. The first time it tells the user to use a separate power input is under the “RC output” section (servos) which comes after “RC input”. Not a problem for me because I’m using the HKPilot32 PDB, but it could delay other users who don’t know they need a separate supply/BEC for the receiver (Opto ESCs are quite popular so you cannot assume a BEC is usually available).

Good point, info added.
I’d also like to remind that our docs can be edited on Github. Adding anything is easy - just open the document and press edit, pull request will be created automatically.

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Hey @ivereninov, I want to buy a transmitter and a receiver… I was reading this post and now I have a good idea. But which one do you recommend and if is it budget friendly it will be great!

Hey @CavP28!

FRsky Taranis seems to give the most bang per buck.

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Explain me something… I have to buy the transmitter, the receiver and some decoder? Or there’s a kit that comes with all this together ?