Choosing Data plan for LTE Hotspot: which amount of data for NTRIP corrections?

Hi all,

I plan to use a LTE hotspot wired to a Reach M+ via USB OTG to get NTRIP corrections. I now have to chose a data plan for the modem but I have no idea how much data is required for let’s say 24 hours of NTRIP correction.

Does someone have a rough estimation? I have searched many topics but haven’t found any. As I understand most of hotspot users are counting on their own mobile dataplan so I guess the signal is not too data consuming.

Max LoRa bandwidth is roughly 18-19 kb/s, which gives you a good indication, so from that it is just basic math :smiley:

Smart indication indeed! So approximately 65Mb/h thus max 1.5Gb/d which is way more than what I expected.

Note that the 18-19 kb/s is with many constellations being received (GPS+GLO+SBAS+GAL+QZSS). Many NTRIP providers only provide GPS+GLO which would lower the traffic quite a bit (probably half it).

Thank you for your quick reply. I will start with a 2GB plan a month for the first tests then (60 hours at half the LoRa bandwidth). I should share my real Data usage after the first month.

Keep us updated!

I have various fixed bases running RTCM3 correction; in general the data usage for either the base or rover receiving the correction is average around 1MB/hour for GPS+GLONASS.

Continuous operation over the period of a month is simple maths, 24x31 around 750 MB. Allow some extra if you’re doing any administration over the link.

1GB per month should be adequate.


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