Check known controlpoint with ntrip?

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i just fixed the issue I had with not receving corrections via ntrip.
So now i get fixed solution in the field.
Should I still check my coordinates at a fixed known controllpoint?
I have seen some yt videos where people did that an had about 2m error when checking on this points. How could this happen?

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Hello. by making a measurement on a known point, you can be sure that the GPS fits into the system correctly. please provide links to these videos. I will present my observations regarding the correct fitting of emlid instruments in work with ntrip in some time when I gather a lot of information on this subject, but I can say that I have had several cases where the fix coordinate was shifted by 0.8 meters.


Hi @Archeo,

If you work with an NTRIP service, such an error may appear because of different coordinate systems.

To not face this, make sure your NTRIP provider sends corrections in the coordinates system required for your Emlid Flow project. When you create a project in Emlid Flow and choose the coordinate system and vertical datum, there is a tip saying in which coordinate system the base should be.

If you need any help with that, please let me know.


anyone with even a little experience with ntrip measurements does not choose a frame of reference other than the one in which his ntrip mount point works. I think the fix solution in emlid is sometimes done wrong which worries me. the point set out the day before is sometimes shifted by 8-10cm, which in my opinion is not acceptable for gnss measurements. I can give many examples, knowing life I will be an isolated case. I would ask you, the emlid team, to look at the method of calculating the fix in rs2+. I don’t care about getting a fix in a second, but about a precise solution.

What is your baseline length ?

4-5 km to the ntrip mount point.

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