Cheap solution for ~0.5m accuracy?

We have a RS2 base/rover and it’s been great.

I’m working with a different project now though where:
(A) I only need accuracy of around 0.5m in open-sky conditions and
(B) I need it to be as cheap as possible and
© data needs to be pulled in real time (so no PPK) as its for a tractor-like system.

I’m wondering if an RS+ would be accurate enough in float. But even then, I’d like a cheaper unit. I’m guessing the M+/M2 won’t work as I need the data in real time.

Perhaps I need to look at other solutions beyond EMLID?

Yes. You should look at RTK PPP.

Real time PPP


Hi Brian,

The solution suggested by @TB_RTK looks interesting!

I just want to clarify that Reach RS+ in standalone mode can provide coordinates with a few meters accuracy only. Also, Reach M+ and Reach M2 can work in RTK and don’t differ in accuracy from Reach RS+.


Maybe you or someone else at EMLID could make sure I understand the RS+/M+ connection (we have a RS2 base/rover so I am familiar with that).

The application is having a rover mounted on a trailer moving at ~4km/hr. We need at least 0.5m accuracy in real time - no post correction. `

  1. Is there any issue with a RS+ base and M+ rover? Is there anything I need to be aware of that would be problematic?
  2. Would that system be able to update at least 10 hz?
  3. Does the M+ need an antenna? I see one in the store.

Hi Brian,

There should be no issue with Reach RS+ and Reach M+ couple in RTK. Just keep in mind that these devices are single-frequency, which means they require a clear sky view without any obstacles. Also, the maximum distance in RTK for single-band receivers is 10 km.

10Hz update rate is available if you work with GPS only. You can check other GNSS constellations configurations with recommended update rate in our docs.

Yes, it requires external GNSS antenna.

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