CHC base radio

I’ve got a CHC 900+ GNSS base station I was hoping to use with the RS2. It has a UHF radio, but I’m usually working without internet. So with the RS2 I would either have to get another UHF radio for the RS2 or a Lora radio for the CHC. Any recommendations on a good Lora radio? From what I’ve seen, they cost a lot less than UHF and have pretty good range. Thanks!

So far, there isn’t a 3rd party LoRa radio available, see my other thread LoRa Radio for 3rd party systems

If you can find a radio that matches your base that can be connected via USB or RS232, it will be your best bet currently.

Thanks! I can stop looking for a lora radio! The UHF radio will probably cost more than the RS2 :rofl:

Does your CHC have a USB or serial port that it can use for output? If so, two RFD900’s would work. One can use the USB of the RS2, the other to your CHC. Normally less than $330

Hi @SRBell,

Just want to confirm you can use any pair of external radios that allow communication over Serial and work with a supported baud rate. So, 3DR or RFD900 should work. To connect a UART radio to the Reach RS2 bottom connector, you’ll need a converter to RS-232.

That is why I suggested connecting to the USB port on the RS2 and set it up accordingly. No TTL to RS232 converter needed for it. The CHC I am not sure as I haven’t messed with one of those.


Should have thought of that. I’ve got a bunch of RFD900 radios!

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Yea, the CHC base is UHF radio or serial RS232. But I just saw this from RFD.

Guess it was introduced back in 2017. This may actually work lol.

I think that would get you but, I haven’t messed with the CHC so no idea on settings etc.

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