ChatGPT convert datasets

I want to share with you a very useful application of ChatGPT for me.

My customers always have difficulties with the conversion of various point lists in order to import them into EmlidFlow as CSV. This is where ChatGPT can come in handy.

Here is the workflow for it.

I formulated the following question in ChatGPT:

convert the following data set into a table with character delimitation comma without spaces. name,easting,northing,elevation should be in the first line

then i copied the following table into the chat:

F01 9953.121 332210.711 169.767 ā€¦

the result was the following:


I then copied this data record into the windows editor and saved it as a csv.

what do you think of this possibility? Iā€™m looking forward to your feedback.

Greetings from Austria!


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