Channel 1 - 4


My Navio+ just arrived, amazing little thing!

I connected Mission Planner to ArduCopter, all looks good. I enabled Joystick and I can arm/disarm the unit (I disabled pre-arm checks, as there is no copter connected yet). All good. I can change the pwm values of channel 1 to 4 using the joystick, verified in Mission Planner -> Status -> ch1in/ch2in/ch3in/ch4in. All good.

However, when I put a scope on the pwm pins, I cannot see any pwm signal. Just to check, I stopped ArduCopter, and ran Navio/C++/Examples/Servo/Servo example, and I can see the pwm signal.

Before looking into ArduCopter’s code, can someone enlighten me as to why there is no pwm signal from ArduCopter?


I just tested with the navio branch and I can see the pwm signals. Looks like the navio-plus-rtk is not working, and the code looks a bit older.

Any plans to update the navio-plus-rtk to be up-to-date with the navio branch?

Btw, re-tested on navio-plus-rtk and it is working. The codebase is still older, I can see it uses pigpiod but navio doesn’t.

Does anyone have a snapshot of the original navio branch when navio-plus-rtk was branched? Happy to diff them and see what were the core changes, and perhaps create a patch set for the latest navio branch…

@keithc Hi, Navio+ is now fully supported by ardupilot master branch and you can use its automatic firmware builds from here -

Yes, but the master branch does not have the RTK modifications?

No, RTKLIB does not work simultaneously with APM. navio-plus-rtk was an experiment, but NEO-M8N is too limited for this.

Hmm I seem to have success with NEO-M8N. I will continue testing RTK on the navio-plus-rtk branch, and port to master if things work out.