Changing Time Stamp in the Raw_Data logs


I’ve been using 2 Reach M+ modules to do Post Processing, and I’ve realized that all Raw Data logs have a GPST Time stamp looking like this:

2018/08/23 14:22:46.210 55.368826636 10.415142508 59.4406 1 9 0.0090 0.0055 0.0151 0.0009 0.0024 0.0062 -0.05 999.9

For somewhat reason the time is always 2 hours behind my regional time (I am from Denmark so that would be UTC +1). I have tried to search for a way to change the GPS time to fit my time zone, but I could not find anything in the ReachView App, or on other topics on this forum.

Is there anyway to do this easily, something like a setting that I can just modify and then have it like this all the time? Because right now I always have to take all the Raw Data logs in a Python Script that adds 2 extra hours on each line, which works fine, but it is time consuming and it can become a bit frustrating with more logs.

We’re are actually UTC+2 right now :wink:
I wouldn’t go about changing the raw-data, it would potentially give problems down the road with matching clocks, orbits, external nav/obs files and so on.

Question is, why is it important ? GPS time is well, GPS time.

Hey Christian,

I understand, but I am doing some graphs and I am combining two sets of data, one of them being the Raw Data from the Reach Modules, and the only thing I can compare them on is time, so I have to modify them.

That is why I was asking if there is anyway to change the GPS time on the Reach module directly.
So can I have an official answer that this is a NO GO?

And maybe it would be an interesting feature to add in the future, along with customization of the logs. Personal opinion :slight_smile:

There is no way, to my knowledge. Instead, I would do the time-diff in the presentation layer of your workflow. Raw-data should raw-data, left unmodified.

OK, thank you for your time and help :slight_smile:

Det var så lidt! (You’re welcome!)

Hey there,

@wizprod is right, it isn’t possible to change time in raw data.

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