Changing the coordinates system

It seems ReachView3 does not allow to switch the coordinates system of the project after it has been created. Could you confirm ? Do you have a workflow with third-party software to do this ? I was thinking about using Qgis. Like exporting CSV from ReachView > Importing it to Qgis > Exporting dataset in the required coordinates system.

Do you have plan for such a feature in ReachView ?
Thanks a lot for the support :slight_smile:

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You got it with QGIS. Easy to import the points and Save As a different CRS.

Hi Florian,

You are right, at the moment, this function isn’t supported in ReachView 3. We are planning to add transformation support in future updates.

For now, I may suggest working with Reach and 3rd-party survey apps such as FieldGenius. If it’s appropriate for you, you can also use online converters or GIS apps such as QGIS to transform the data.


You cannot switch coordinate systems in a project on FieldGenius. Once that information is entered and the project is created it is locked and you would have to create a new coordinate project. Same goes for Geoids.


You could use Python and packages like pandas and pyproj or geopandas to write a little code that reads the csv files and repojects the points to a different crs.

Thanks for bringing this up. I’m having an issue where users are starting projects with the currently selected CRS and not able to change it later.
People in my lab work in many different countries and at different scales and it can be hard for non-GIS specialists to know which CRS to select. Has anyone seen a good reference website listing the recommended, popular CRSes in an area that you get to by browsing a map? Basically which Projected (metric) coordinate systems are being used most frequently in 2021 by local scale projects referencing the EPSG code (acknowledging that there are many factors going into picking a CRS for a project)
The site is kind of a mess and doesn’t have a great way to browse spatially.

I’ve been reading about how EPSG:4326 (WGS84 geographic) is being deprecated in upcoming releases of QGIS. Because of accuracy issues at under 2m resolution it’s not a good default CRS for software like QGIS (people should be using continent-specific CRS with epoch apparently).
Anyway, if anyone has seen a good spatial CRS browser maybe EMLID can point to it in their Reachview docs. There is this country list (and they are adding it)

I really want to read your source for that. Honestly, without a source, I just cannot believe it. All consumer-grade GPS data comes in WGS84, the definitions must exist in the software.

Today I came across
Which is considerably better than because it allows search by map and is free of spammy ads.


“The war on EPSG:4326 has begun”

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Yeah, it will not disappear, at least not for a long while. I would have been surprised. But it’s a step in a good direction if the goal is to push people towards localizing for high accuracy. I 100% agree with the move.

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