Changing RS+ Log timestamp

It seems that my RS+ rover logs are currently recording in UTC, is there any way to change it to record in the same local time as my phone? Or to set it to a custom timezone (for example when working in Hawaii I would like it to be set to HST, or when working in Utah set to MDT/MST).

Hi Kalai,

Recording data in UTC is the standard of RINEX format. However, if you work with ReachView 3 app, it will collect points using the time zone of your phone or tabler.

What is the purpose of having log data in your local time?

I see, thank you for sharing this!

I wanted to use the time stamps to match up the log data to the metadata of images captured by a mirrorless camera in a water housing. I was hoping to set the camera to take pictures every second and then geotag the images for use in photogrammetry software.

Here’s a thought… why not set time in cameras to UTC ?


Perfect idea! We just did that and now we will see how everything processes. Thank you!


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