Changing output information

Hello users is there anyway to switch the output file on the reach panel when they come out as PNEZD instead of PENZD. Please let me know. Thank you.


Yes please. No one that I have ever dealt with puts easting first. I understand lat is first but Y is on grid.


Hi everybody,

Thanks for telling us! For now, there are no configurations of position output available in ReachView 3 in terms of switching the data’s places. Can you please elaborate on what programs you work with that require the reversed order of the coordinates info?

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Hi Polina,

I am located in Illinois and we use auto cad and that is how we have everything in our office setup.

It’s not really reverse order in the U.S. for traditional Land Surveying. It’s always been P,Y,X,Z,D in at least 3 of the CAD/Modeling programs we have.


Hey everyone,

Thanks for sharing! It’s important for us to understand what’s more comfortable for our users. I’ll make sure to transfer this to our devs :slight_smile:

It was a while back but whatever happened to the DroneDeploy export? It would be even better now that we can survey in grid. Just remember the YXZ… :upside_down_face:

Hi Michael,

From what I remember, the DroneDeploy export contained simply reversed columns? We thought that maybe it would not be the best practice to add it to ReachView 3 as there’s no drastic transformation of the data needed.

It also was truncated to the only the columns required and the column names were correct. now that we can survey in grid there would have to be two exports, one for WGS84/NAD83 and another for SPCS grid. No worries though, it’s easy enough to reformat.

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