Changing Horizon mask required to speed up Fix?

So this is a very strange issue/quirk I’ve run into. I’ve finally got my settings to the point where I can get a really good signal and get a solid fix on most sites. But I’ve found that after I pickup a point, it takes an extremely long time to get a fix on the next point (5+ minutes, or maybe not at all), It will sit with an AR around 1 - 1.3… that is unless I go into the RTK settings, and change my horizon filter setting.

When I say “Change the setting” What I actually mean is, I change it from say 10 degrees to 11 degrees, hit apply, then change it back to 10 degrees and hit apply.

After I do that, ~20-30 seconds later I will have a -very- solid fix with an AR around 6-10.

The only thing I can think of is that changing the RTK settings ‘resets’ everything. But if that’s the case, why can’t it just get the fix quickly on it’s own?


I think it’s a very important point. I am also accelerating the re-initialization by this method. Here it does not matter whether it will be done by a quick exchange of elevation mask, or, for example, change of unit SNR by one. Maybe would it be improved in the application?

Could you share complete settings used for rover and if, base too?
System report is even better,

Are you using static or kinematic mode?

Hi Igor,
Доверяй но проверяй.
I enclose setup_report.pdf (13.3 KB)
Explanation: it relates to Reach RTK module implemented in our AzusRTN receiver. Here registration ‘Base mode’ only serves to simultaneously download the RINEX using NTRIP (VRS or single reference station). This is the option only. The output is for the controller.
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Hey there,

May I ask you to share logs with the issue?

I will prepare such logs at my earliest opportunity. Our surveying RTK and RTN does not require the use of the library RTKLIB and postprocessing (third-party apps). There was no need for such logging.

I would suggest a mask angle of no less than 13deg because anything below that is susceptible to not only ground radio interference, but also atmospheric. You can go lower if there is absolutely nothing else around you, but you are still susceptible to atmospheric/pollution interference. If you cannot obtain a fix with that then your probably need to post-process. Of course when you get in certain environment like trees you need to increase that mask.

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