Change telemetry port on-the-flight

Is there possibile to change telemetry port during ArduCopter execution? Like switching between IPs?

Perhaps there is someone who knows something else about this, but I would say it is not possible.
APM is running as a linux executable and all programms I know need to somehow stop/restart to release the IP:port and bind to the new one.
Also APM still takes all telemetry/GPS connections as serial connections, so you have no way to change any network settings from inside APM.
Why do you want to do this?
If you want to change telemetry settings on the fly you could use something like mavproxy running on the copters RPi.
It supports adding/removing telemetry links from the command line, without interupting the execution of Arducopter.

You can i.e. pipe all data by named pipe ant then swap it by netcat and external watchdog, but I thought about some internal mechanism to change it on-the-fly.

Why I need it?
I have RPi 2 with Navio+ on Raspbian Jessie image. It has WLAN and WWAN cards. Groung station has external, but variable IP address. I wanted to autoboot ArduPilot and switch telemetry during flight.

2 use cases:

  1. If GCS is AP and you flight too far - you break WLAN link. It needs to close all connections to reestablish link.
  2. If you wanna have automatical switch between WLAN\WWAN you often need to change IP.
  3. You want to have autoboot ASAP, before interfaces are switched.