Change Settings of Emlid Reach RS+ By USB connection

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Is it possible to change settings on the emlid reach RS+ by only using the usb connection?
So not using the internal Wifi (or external Wifi) or bluetooth. But an offline solution by just connecting the USB connection.

Or maybe by the 9 pin connector?

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To use the 9-pin connector to access ReachView would be very cumbersome and it is not a supported method.

To use the USB connector to access ReachView is possible. I have done it many times.

USB can be used in different ways. One is “serial over USB” which is not what you want. The other is “Ethernet over USB” and this is what you want. You should research how to do this type of thing with your particular operating system.

  1. Plug your Reach device into your computer with the USB cable. Then set up Ethernet over USB on your computer.

  2. Set the IP address of your local side of the USB connection to be some address in the 192.168.2.xx range. e.g.

  3. Reach sets a static IP address for its own USB connection at, so open your web browser and enter Reach’s IP address which is

You should see ReachView come up on the screen now!

#1 is the hardest step, but you should be able to figure it out by searching for how-to instructions on the Internet.


Thanks, i’ll give it a try.

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Hi j.braun, did you find your way through this?

Hi Bide, are you able to share how to “set up Ethernet over USB on your computer” for Windows10? I think this will help some users, such as @maphew and @D_UAV - and me :slight_smile:

I had a look online and only know enough in this area to be dangerous, so didn’t dare embark on my own expedition…

Thanks, Al.

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I think the easiest way to do it is to download Ubuntu and boot up on that. I don’t have any quick answers how to do it in Windows 10.


Old but i havent heard about anything new here


@bide, for clarity: Ethernet to USB is a distinct thing, and does NOT refer to USB over Ethernet or a USB to Ethernet hardware adapter, correct?

correct. There are adapters which convert USB to Ethernet and there is a protocol for passing ethernet frames through a USB cable. It probably doesn’t end there either, but in the context of Reach devices, you could probably use either one.

What I use is the Ethernet over USB protocol when I want to use my computer to open ReachView without using Wi-Fi. The Reach device is connected to the computer by the USB cable. Ethernet packets are forwarded through the USB cable. Reach always has a static address of so you set the computer end to use another address in that network, e.g.

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Oh, and for those who run by this thread looking for a way to ethernet over usb with the RS (not RS+), this still works.

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