Change Reach RS+ IP address?

Hi - just got my hands on a second hand RS and RS+. I’m trying to set them up and communicate with each other. After flashing upgrades and setting each unit up, they are not communicating. It looks as though each unit has the same IP address when connected as a local hotspot - which I don’t think is correct.

Can someone please confirm that they need different IP addresses and if so, how to change?

Thanks in advance…!

I think I’ve sorted the issue - nothing to do with the IP address!


Hi @timetomaketracks,

It’s good news that you’ve sorted it out! For all who’d happen to open this thread looking for a solution to something similar, I’d recommend checking the detailed getting started guides in our docs:

Also, I’d like to comment on the same IP address thing to make it clear. While in hotspot mode, Reach always has a static IP address as it broadcasts Wi-Fi. It’s totally fine if 2 units have the same IP in different Wi-Fi networks which is the case here. If, for example, you connect one Reach to the hotspot of another one, the connected device will change its role from hotspot to client mode and get a new IP address in this network.

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