Change NMEA GGA and GST

Hey all, I want to collect NMEA Data with an external software (NavAq BeamworX) and the NavAq is expecting the same data rate of GGA as GST. But the RX is outputting 5Hz GGA and 1 HZ GST. So my questions are: Is it possible to update the GST also to 5Hz?
If not, is it possible to exclude GST at all?

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I have a feeling if it was a 5hz, it may not change anything. This information does not seem to update very fast even directly from the chip.

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Hi Alexander,

Indeed, we set the GGA message output to 5Hz. Otherwise, 3rd-party apps can’t update the position smoothly enough.

But other messages are left on 1Hz, and currently, there is no way to change it or exclude the message at all. But I’ll pass your case on to the devs. We’ll discuss it.

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To change update rates and messages would be great!
Furthermore it would be good to send an NMEA GGA with a height in a precisionformat to decode millimetre
For now it is only decimeter x.x - so RTK is useless…
Can you help me also in that case?

Hi Svetlana, could you forward my inquiry to the dev team and when can I expect a feedback from them?

Hi Alex,

Already passed your request. I’ll get back with the news once I have any.

It should be fixed in the latest firmware. When did you update your device the last time?


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I cant wait to check this out!

So I take it we gained the mm accuracy.

What about changing NMEA output?

Hi @PotatoFarmer,

We’re discussing this. Do you also have some incompatibility issues? With which software?

If you drop most of the messages, it would possible be able to send gga and vtg at 10hz without saturating the bluetooth. This would make the receiver useful in many more applications. Including mobile mapping of field boundaries.

The ultra light wireless network only rover idea is great, but it only does very limited stationary jobs at the moment.

Also a quick question about corrections. If I navigate away from the iPhone app corrections stop. Like getting a text.
Am I missing a setting on the iPhone to keep them continuous if the app is in the background?

It would be great to configure and turn on/off the frequency and the messages. In my software BeamworX there is an incompability because of that data mixup.

Hi there,

Got your point. I still don’t have any solution from the team and can’t share any ETA. But once there is any news, I’ll let you know.

You don’t miss anything. That’s just how iOS works. It doesn’t allow BLE stream in the background. So, once you switch to another app or lock the screen, it stops the BLE link.

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