Change LoRa frequency range for country

We have a pair of Emlid RS2s from the USA and are wanting to carry out RTK survey in Italy. One of them updated the permitted LoRA range to match what is allowed in Europe, the other did now. These ranges are mutually exclusive so now they can’t talk. How do I update the allowed frequency range?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi Jason,

You can manually adjust the LoRa frequency in the Correction Input or Correction Output tab of ReachView 3. To establish an RTK-link, you need to set the same frequency that was updated on one of the receivers automatically.

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Sorry I might have mixed up some details.

Reach should automatically change the LoRa frequency to the permitted range when the receiver is provided with a sky view. Please place your Reach outdoors and reboot the device. Reach will determine its location using the signals from the satellites and update the permitted range accordingly.

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