Change in exported data from ReachView 3 (software related?)

The elevation of data I previously acquired using the Reach RS2 has changed in the ReachView 3 app. This change occurred sometime in the last year when I was not actively using the app for acquiring data. Between the time that I last acquired the data and when I’ve examined the data using the app today, I have been updating the ReachView 3 app whenever there is an update available on the Apple App Store.

The last data export that I did where the exported project data showed corrected elevations was October 14, 2021. When I export the same project data today, the easting, northing, and elevation columns are blank. In addition, the newly exported .csv file shows a new column, the final in the series, that has a heading of “CS Name”. All cells in this column now show “Global CS”. I don’t recall ever making this selection.

I’m fairly confused as to what could have caused this change in the elevation data and the headings in the exported file because it occurred while I did not use the app or the Reach RS2 to collect data. From my understanding, one cannot change the parameters of a project once it is created, which makes the puzzle even more confusing to me. I suspect that the problem is software related (perhaps owing to an update I installed between October 2021 and June 2022). I’d appreciate any help to get me started in diagnosing and solving the issue.

My current version of the Reach Firmware is 26.4 (there is a newer version 28.4 that I have yet to install on my RS2). I have Version 7.4 of the ReachView 3 app.

Hi @Guleed,

Thanks for describing your issue in detail! I see what could have caused it. It’s most likely related to one of our updates where we moved to the Global CS option. You can read a statement about it on our forum here.

Essentially, it means that if your project was in any geographical coordinate system, this system is replaced with a new option, Global CS. It shouldn’t change any of the actual values. It’s the only way to work in degrees, in geographic systems without datum or height transformations now.

So the fact that your Easting, Northing, and Elevation columns are blank is okay. Your data should be in the Longitude, Latitude, and Ellipsoidal height columns. It should be just the same as it was in October. Please check it. You can upload the project here or share it with me in PM so that I can double-check that everything is fine with it.

Please let me know if you have any remaining questions.


Hi, @polina.burak. Thanks for the reply and explanation.

The Longitude, Latitude, and Ellipsoidal height columns are indeed the same between the current project export and the one I exported in Oct 2021. But the data that is really important for me is the Elevation, which is different than the values shown in the Ellipsoidal Height. I’ll PM you a few other details.

I attempted to PM you, but received an error. The message I attempted to send is below:

Hi, @polina.buriak. Thanks again for the explanation and suggestions you shared with me in my post.

From what I understand so far, the issue that I’m facing is software related. I understand what the utility of the Global CS system is, but it is really important for me to have the Elevation be part of the exported data like it used to be. The ellipsoidal height does not match the Elevation shown in my Oct 2021 data export.

Also, it’s fairly important for me to be able to see the Elevation data in the app when I select symbols that mark where I’ve previously acquired data. I actively use the data and the map in the Project to guide my fieldwork.

Is there someway that I can display the Elevation data in the app as well as in the exported data (kind of like it was in Oct 2021)?

I hope this is clear. Thanks so much for your time and patience!

Hi @Guleed,

Can you please send both files (from October and from now) to This way, it’ll be easier for us to analyze them.

Would it be possible to remember what kind of CS was your project in before the Global CS was applied? Was it ellipsoidal height, not any form of geoid height?

While we’re at it, we will also need the exact model of the device you store your project on and its firmware version. We’ll check the specifics of the app on the device as well.

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Just wanted to conclude that we have been in touch with Guleed over the emails. It’s almost impossible to determine the vertical datum if the previously used one is not saved. We have an idea of what that could have been, but it requires testing.

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