Change flight modes thought radio controller APM Planner

Hello folks. I just can’t see the flight mode being changed while managing the controller in the APM planner. Is it correct? When i configured an Apm2 flight controller it worked very well. Now, I’m using a frsky d8r-xp receiver with a frsky djt transmitter. Before, a frsky d8r ii.

Thanks a lot

Update. I found out It’s a problem from my radio turnigy 9x which sends flight mode information over the channel 6 instead of channel 5 as usual. With PWM, it is possible to invert the channels changing wires. But with cppm, it can’t be done. The radio stock firmware do not allow us to change its behavior. So, as I can realize, there are two options. Flash the radio firmware (very tough) or change the arducopter firmware creating a parameter to choose the flight mode channel (tough). If someone had the same problem and a solution.


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Update. To solve the problem, I changed the radio firmware to the er9x ( Now, I can choose the channels by my own.