Cellular Internet correction link?

I’m new to RTK and Reach, Is there a cost free way to create a wireless internet correction link between two reach modules (excluding the cellular internet service cost)?

I would like one reach module as Base station linked through internet cell service, and the other reach module as a rover linked through our home internet router Wifi and also vice versa to achieve centimeter level accuracy?
I would like to make corrections over a 7 to 10 km distance using survey markers as bases.

So is cm level accuracy possible this way? I know cell service has a delay, is this delay corrected by some kind of data time stamp?

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I think that Lefebure NTRIP Caster can be used for that. You will become your own NTRIP provider and reach already has an NTRIP client. Reach can get internet connection via mobile phone tethering.

Reasonable delay under a few seconds will not degrade the precision.