Cellular Data Service for RS2 built in modem for NTRIP Connection (in US)

Can someone correct me if I am wrong but as of current you cannot use a Verizon sim card in the RS2? I tried today and even used the apn without caps but it will not allow me to turn on the mobile data, it thinks about if for a few minutes then doesn’t turn on. @tatiana.andreeva is there a reason that the sim card reader is only 2/3g and not 4g or even 4/5g? will there ever be any functionally for verizon sim cards? We are very limited with our cellphone signal here in montana.

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In APN you must enter your cell phone provider for data. In my case it is data.personal.com.ar

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Hi Matthew,

If it’s GSM SIM Card from Verizon, then it should work.

In case it’s CDMA, it won’t work. Moreover, as far as I know, Verizon is wiping out its CDMA network, it will be deprecated by the end of 2019.

Leaving this here as a reference for others. I’m in the US; I went with AT&T service. Our IT person ordered service and provided AT&T with the IMEI number and device description. I installed the SIM card, powered up the RS2, set the APN value to ‘broadband’ and turned wireless data on. Worked great!
Also, I noticed the IMEI number is also visible at the bottom of the wireless data setup screen, I used that to confirm that I had the right SIM card in the right RS2 device by matching up the IMEI number I gave AT&T with the IMEI number on that setup screen.
Data seems to be working great so far.

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Thank you for the information Ryan. I’ve been trying to find the right APN. I entered the one you suggested and it connects and shows 3G, however I still can’t get any data through the receiver. I can’t connect to the NTRIP or the hotspot to the internet. I have been trying to get this going to no avail.

Hi @Brfrierm,

How is it going?

I’ve checked available AT&T APNs here and it seems the phone or broadband APN should work. Have you already tried them?

I have tried the APN’s that you have suggested. I can get the sim card connected, but nothing still comes through. Which is really strange considering that is says I’m using data as shown below. I also have it set to share data from sim card to other devices, and I don’t get anything.


Could you please also share the screenshot of Correction input page when Mobile data is enabled?

May I ask you to generate the Full System report once again and send it to me in PM?

Hi @Brfrierm,

We’ve examined the Full System report you sent and haven’t found any issues in enabling Mobile data.

May I ask you to insert this SIM card into your phone to check if it has an Internet connection? Just to exclude the possibility that there can be an issue from the provider side.


Hi @Brfrierm,

Have you had a chance to check your SIM card?

I can’t put the SIM card in my phone. I spoke with the dealer that I bought the RS2 from, and they told me to go a different route.

Hi @Brfrierm,

May I ask you to clarify how did you manage to solve it?

My next course of action was going to be to go with an external hotspot. After over a month of trying to get the internal modem going, I gave up and went with and external hotspot because I know it works. The dealer basically said the same thing.

I installed an AT&T SIM card in both of our receivers today. At first, it did not work. Before I found this post, I tried several APNs that I found online with no success. After I read the post above by @rywillia I called AT&T and had them add the IMEI number for both receivers. This allowed me to get connected once I changed the APN to “Phone” and rebooted the receiver. I am able to get corrections with both of them. Though not simultaneously unless I use a separate login to our CORS network. I am in Massachusetts. Hope you figure it out.


I did not know you could add more than one IMEI to a sim card; I may have to try this!
I use the MDOT CORS NTRIP network in Michigan, US, and also found that it would only allow one login at a time. I now have a different login for each RS2 and I can get NTRIP corrections for both units simultaneously as well.

What I said reads a little confusing. I meant to say that I added the IMEA number for one receiver to one SIM card. I did this for both receivers that I own. With that said, I cannot comment on whether or not you may add a second IMEA number, that would be excellent if it is a possibility.

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