Cdc_ether kernel driver for USB-Modem


I need the cdc_ether driver to get my huawei e3372 modem up and running.

I have flashed the reach/edison with only slightly modified “original” edison-src-ww-25.5-15 edison firmware where I have enabled the cdc_ether driver.

With that image the modem works perfectly. The problem is that I don’t have the Reach image source. So I can’t make a new Reach image with the wanted driver compiled.

"At the moment ReachView will only run on a Reach/Intel Edison flashed with our pre-built image. "

Will the reach image be open soon? That would be good.
Can I get a reach images with the cdc_ether enabled? (Device Drivers > Network device support > USB Network Adapters > CONFIG_USB_NET_CDCETHER)

sudo insmod cdc_ether.ko will work in the meantime


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Any update on this? Using a huawei e3372 out-of-the box would be very nice.

alternatively you could follow these instructions: