Caster emlid service

Hi friends, I have tried use the page, but in the “My mount points” sections, all MP*** show OFFLINE, that´s why I can´t choose any.

I gratefull if someone explain it.

thank you


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Have you set up your Reach to send corrections to the caster? Does it have access to the internet?

Both sides will need an internet connection, both sides will need port 2101 allowed through the firewall.

You can also use the casters static ip address vs the domain name.


I am trying using only one rs2 as rover, it is possible? Or the emlid caster service requires 2 rs2 base and rover? I think it is unsense.

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You need one device to act as base, and one device to act as rover.

The base creates sends corrections to the caster, so the rover can find them over the internet.
The caster does not create its own corrections.


Greetings Mr Jaime. I think you are confused, RTK always needs 2 devices (your Base and your Rover), the EMLID CASTER is the bridge that allows your Rover to receive the corrections that your Base sends over the internet. I think you are getting confused with NTRIP services (public or private) where you connect to a Base and receive corrections from that Base.

Saludos Don Jaime. Creo que esta confundido, RTK siempre necesita 2 equipos (su Base y su Rover), el CASTER de EMLID es el puente que permite que su Rover reciba las correcciones que envía su Base por internet. Creo que se está confundiendo con los servicios de NTRIP (públicos o privados) donde usted se conecta a una Base y recibe las correcciones de esa Base.


Señores, conectado a red ntrip, con solo el rover, a pesar de estar en float me parece buena precisión

No señor, yo se distinguir que es rtk y q es ntrip. El ntrip le permite a ud trabajar con un solo gnss.
Rtk es cuando ud coloca su base en un punto conocido (placa) y transmite correcciones en tiempo real a su rover.

En los dos casos trabakas rtk


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No, you can use ntrip with one gnss


If someone has already set up a base in your area, and you have the log in credentials.

If you connect to a caster with no base on the other end, no RTK.


Yes, we need have a base in a range 50 km to get a fix. In Panama caster emlid do not work.

Firend, when you have a base sending corrections from a ppp, by ntrip pr lora, you are making rtk !!!

Using PPP there are no corrections until you submit your Rinex recording files to be processed by a government service like NRCAN. PPP is not a realtime service. Highest accuracy takes weeks.


What a beautiful community, thank you @PotatoFarmer for being so nice😀


Hola Amigos!

What a discussion here! :slight_smile:

Let me also pipe in and recommend the great topic in our blog on the difference between Casters and NTRIP services: NTRIP Caster vs. NTRIP Service: Which one to Choose?

@ingelciv, as @PotatoFarmer and @Solucionesentopograf said, you indeed need two receivers to work with Emlid Caster. We don’t have our own CORS network to provide correction services.


But if you ever wanted Emlid Community CORS, we are willing, awaiting a super slick user interface.


:thinking: Well… with the help of our community, I believe we can already cover the Planet almost entirely :smiley: We’ll keep in my mind your request!


Hi Andrew, tks. Ok, I think that because of the language we have not been able to understand each other before. If I understand, the emlid caster service is not a cors service, so what is it?

In my case, we have a network of 6 points distributed in Panama. These points have already been processed. An antenna was installed at each point that transmits corrections in real time, and I have done RTK with a single emlid (rover) through ntrip to this network, that is what I was referring to before.

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But now if I’m a bit confused, what is emlid’s caster service if it doesn’t give corrections?? thanks for helping me understand this.
Greetings friends.