Carry Case/Bag Reccomendations

Greetings all,
Seeking recommendations to carry Reach RS2 x 2 receivers with OEM cases + accessories such as 8" tablet, Field book, Assorted Pens, Pencils, Battery pack, Perhaps a 15" Laptop. Must be padded.
Weather/splash proofing would be nice. Can be carried far distances when traveling by foot.
I was thinking along these lines:

At present I am using a trusty Kipling diaper bag like this:

it has been really comfortable to carry, fits well on the back seat of the car when fully packed but I’ve outgrown it and need to stuff a few more items in.
I would also consider a compact hard-case

I own and highly recommend this case:

Waterproof, highly impact resistant, suitable for air transport and for rugged campaign use.

It may or may not be large enough to store all of your GNSS surveying accessories but for essential protection of your (expensive) RS2 units and data collector it’s probably the current best-of-breed.

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waterproof bag for my m2 rover with detachable strap


We use these for pretty much all the electronics and layout gear for our company. Customizable “french fry” foam.

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