Carrier frequencies L1, L2 , coordinate of the Reach base

In the advanced configuration, you can use the configuration L1 and L2, or L1 only, in order to improve the position. A second question, it is better to use the ellipsoidal model or the geoid, and finally when you start the base station, you should always place a coordinate, the question is, when working in the field, which coordinate is assigned to an unknown point, you should replace a new coordinate …?, is arbitrary …?

Reach is L1 only. I asked a similar question on datums recently, if I am not wrong, the ellipsoidal model should be fine but if you require precise vertical coordinates, you should use a geoid that is appropriate for your location… Hope that helps. :slight_smile:



Thanks for asking/answering this question - I had the same one.
Out of curiosity, what does “L1” and “L2” refer to?

Carrier frequency. Reach only listens to L1 which is one frequence, L2 is another


Stellar! Thank you! :+1: