Carlson SurvCe v4 Integration

Has anyone successfully paired The RS2’s with Version 4 of SurvCe ? I would like to use them for RTK with my data collector instead of using my phone and ReachView. It’s a handy little program, but not robust enough for field surveying work. TIA

Hi @Beartow,

Do you face any issues with SurvCE? Or you haven’t had a chance to try? Usually, Reach can be added as a generic NMEA device. However, I don’t know if anything was changed in the latest versions of SurvCE.

Also, can you share more details on what’s happening with ReachView 3? We could probably investigate and fix it, if there are any issues.

Thanks Svetlana. I did set up my two RS2 units and was able to connect my DC (Carlson Mini) to the rover. Haven’t been able to get base corrections to the rover via LoRa. Will try again today as weather is decent.

Hi @Beartow,

If you haven’t seen this guide yet, it should help. But if you try again and still can’t get corrections, just write to me. We’ll sort it out.

Thank you. I did see that along with others. Yesterday I set up my units and changed some settings.
One thing I did was to remove the connection profile of a generic on-board GNSS program on my data collector. After doing so, the DC started receiving corrections and gave me ‘fixed’ solutions. I’m not entirely convinced this was the issue, but am happy to leave it turned off as it’s only use is in re-con work. Bob

Hi Bob,

For me, it’s also hard to confirm if it was the issue or not. But I’m happy too that everything works for you! If you face any other difficulties, just let me know.

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