Capacitive touch screen and rain/gloves

Not strictly a Flow question, but closely related:
I have a South H6 Controller, and it has a capacitive touch screen.
My former controller is a Windows CE. The biggest advantage it has is the resistive touch screen: it works perfectly under the rain, with the display wet, and using anything to touch the display (working with gloves and a stick/plastic pen/anything is perfectly fine).
With the capacitive displays it’s impossible to use the controllers with gloves or under the rain.
Even if the South H6 has a mechanical keyboard I cannot control the survey using it.
With wet display I loose control of the software.
I wonder how other surveyors tackle the issue, or if there are solutions to use flow with keyboard only.

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We just use these.
Can work in rain no issues with the included pen.

They are a bit larger when on a pole mount if you are just using Emlid Flow app, but we run Esri Field maps which means the larger display is a plus.

Get a decent power bank with PD output to power the tablet if using all day in the field.


Tablets are too large for my liking, I usually prefer something smaller, but the possibility to work with a wet display for sure wins over personal size preferences.
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I use the Samsung as well but I haven’t figured out one bug with the pen. It seems if I want to change the text in any text bar in Emlid Flow in the way when the blue “drop” appears, the pen wont work. Really frustrating when working in below freezing to have to remove your gloves to use fingers instead.
Have you had this happen? We have two RS2’s with Samsung’s and they are the same.

We have been using Samsung tablets with our RS2’s and the RX, we have been getting issues with connectivity with the Flow. One of our users has stopped using the tablet and is using their phone with nearly no issues with connectivity.

Hi Massimo,

As far as I know, some data collectors have Pen mode feature. It makes the display responsive only to stylus pressing and unable to react to rain drops or touches. Can you check whether it’s available on your South H6?

There are also gloves that capable of touching capacitive displays. For example, something like this. They may also be of help.

Thanks for the suggestion.
At the moment I have not been able to find a pen mode option or something similar.
I tried the touch friendly gloves, but old trasty pen is much better…
Moreover the bigger problem I have is with wet display.
Thanks again,

Hi Massimo,

Well, that’s a common industry development direction.

Manufacturers refuse of producing expensive Windows data collectors with resistive displays in favor of compact Android phones and data collectors. The sensibility of their capacitive displays is one of the drawbacks that we have to bear with.

I understand the point, but it doesn’t look like a smart direction.
It’s a common issue for sure.
I have collegues and friends with other systems (of the “main/expensive” brands), and we all face the same problem.
Leaving at home a new multi-constellation system to grab the old GPS just to be able to store the points doesn’t really look like an evolution…


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