Can't turn on Mobile data with SIM card inserted

I am interested to see how this is resolved. I think i’m having the same issue but this is the first time I have used a SIM card with my recently purchased RS2. Using v 2.22.4 firmware I could not enable mobile data. I also updated to the v2.23.6 dev which initially allowed me to turn the Mobile Data on again (cell bars and 3G). Then the following happened:

  1. I could use Reach as a wifi hotspot to my android device
  2. NTRIP error ‘Connect error 101’
  3. Now I can’t turn Mobile data back on again

Hi @mr.face,

May I ask you to PM the Full System report too?

Also, would you mind sharing the screenshots/screencast showing the issue?

Screenshots of the problem.
Unfortunately, no screenshots of NTRIP when the Mobile Data actually works as I can no longer turn Mobile Data on. The tab will think for a bit and the button remains in the ‘off’ position.

Correction Input Tab error while trying to use the SIM card. No screenshots of the error with Mobile data turned ON as it is ‘stuck’ in the OFF position, but this is the same error. I’ve read on other posts that Connect Error 101 simply means lack of connectivity (no internet).

If I switch to a WiFi hotspot, NTRIP works again.

Hi @mr.face,

Thanks for sharing the data!

As I can see from the Full System report, the device detects the SIM card but the Internet is indeed unavailable.

I’ve noticed that you’ve tried entering APN. Usually, incorrect APN might be a reason for the inability to turn the Mobile data on. May I ask you to try other APNs with your SIM card? According to the report, you work with the AT&T mobile operator so that I’d recommend trying broadband and phone APNs.