Can't reflash RS+ with Firmware Update Tool

My RS+ has been working well for the past year, but after updating to the latest firmware with the Android app, it now is no longer reachable with the app, despite me connecting to its access point, which is still showing. I’ve tried using the firmware update tool over USB (Windows 10), but although Windows recognizes it as a Com port, the update tool cannot find the device.

In short, it seems bricked. What else can I try?

Hi Chris,

What about the LED status? Does it look like usual? The behavior you described makes me think the unit is stuck in loading. In that case, all three LEDs are continuously blinking one by one.

It starts with the LEDs cycling one by one, but then it locks into the local wifi network: solid orange, solid blue, blinking green. However, the Emlid app on the same network can’t find it, nor can the firmware update tool

Hi Chris,

Blinking green LED means the unit doesn’t pass time sync. To pass time sync, the unit should be either connected to a Wi-Fi or see some satellites.

As you’ve just updated the unit, the easiest way is to put the device near a window to let it track some satellites. It should help. If not, let us know.

I got it working again! I had to install the firmware update tool on another PC (and when I started it, it had to update itself), but this time it connected to the RS+ over USB and I was able to reflash the firmware, which now works as expected.

Thanks for the help!

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