Can't receive corrections

I just got the RS3. Downloaded the app, did the setup, connected through caster.emlid to get my RTK corrections codes, and connected through Bluetooth. However, my Iphone says its waiting for the corrections and never happens. Can someone help me?

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Emlid Caster allows you to set up your own NTRIP corrections. If you don’t have a base outputting to your caster profile you won’t be able to receive any corrections in return.

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Emlid Caster doesn’t provide corrections per se. It only helps to pass them from your base to the rover. As Pat mentioned, you need a base connected to the Emlid Caster for such a setup.

If you have just one receiver and you’d like to work with RTK, then you need to work with NTRIP service. Just make sure it provides corrections in RTCM3 format. You can also learn more about the difference between the NTRIP caster and the NTRIP service from this post.

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