Can't get past initial splash screen since 2.9

Since the last update, I can’t get past the Empire splash screen. Two different Reach RS units, tried it on two tablets, a phone, and a laptop. I’m in the field, and this is really freaking problematic. I’m honestly thinking that this equipment purchase is a huge mistake. So many problems.

Sorry to hear this,

I think that nothing in the last update should have caused this. Did a reboot help?

Hi Egor,
It didn’t help rebooting, but I finally got it after several tries. I’m still having trouble getting a fix, even with a CORS correction. Today, I’m getting float on the base, but only single on Rover. I’m in a big, open field with great sky. Some days, I wonder I don’t have at least one defective unit. I just keep running into difficulties that others aren’t having. I’ve tried the suggestions that others have had success with, but usually to no avail.
Thank you for replying.

What browser are you using?

Seems like a misconfiguration. How do you have float on your base? Please post your settings and setup(preferably with pictures) and we’ll be happy to help you.

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