Can't get NTRIP to give corrections

That sucks. We have got to get you downloading logs somehow.

  • Which web browsers did you try under Windows 7?
  • Is your Windows 7 computer connected to a wireless router?
  • Are the Reach units also connected to the same wireless router?
  • Can you log in to the router’s admin page and see that the Reach units are connected?
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You can also try and update ReachView, even if it’s the latest version, it might help.

@igor.vereninov @egor.fedorov Guys any update on getting Reach to work with swipos? I am now back in California and was able to get Reach to work with UNAVCO NTRIP here. Getting Reach to work with swipos NTRIP is the most important as it is for our client. Please give me an update and how I can assist to get things working. Thanks.


The fix will be included in the next release, coming in the next few days. If you want me to provide you with instructions for “beta testing”, write me a PM.

I’ve released v0.4.4, which, among other updates, now sends more complete NMEA GGA messages to the base station.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to receive corrections from your NTRIP provider even with this fix, so there must be something else. Please, post any details you find out.

Hi Egor, I have updated to v0.4.5 and spoke to swipos NTRIP service provider. They confirm GGA messages are complete, so we got past the satellite count. The end result was that corrections were not sent because the system status says “Unable to resolve GPS coordinates;” something to that effect. It was determined that the issue may be that I am in the USA now, so I would have to try again when I am back in Switzerland. At least we’re making progress and it looks promising. Thank you for your support and I will update you when I go back.


I think the distance is the issue. Keep us updated if you run into more issues.

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Really need these files but I can’t get them downloaded no way. Is there a way to use pscp.exe or something?
Windows 7.

open the Run dialog box, then run the Command Prompt program (hotkey: WindowsKey + R, then type cmd) and type:
pscp.exe -p -r reach@ .

(assuming that pscp.exe is in the current directory. if not, cd to it or copy it into your current cirectory)

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@keepclicking Did you update to the latest ReachView? The issue with log download has been fixed.

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Looks like progress, here is my screenshot.

I just updated, is this right one?

you missed the space and period at the end --> logs .

Nope, you have the last version still. The new version is 0.4.6

Release v0.4.6. Updated default config files prnaccel and arlockcnt values for better RTK processing.

Ok, but now it wants a password. I didn’t know there was a password. I tried the emlidreach but it would not let me type anything.

Now I have v0.4.6. but still cannot download.

from the docs:

To connect, you will need to use putty or another third-party ssh implementation. After you have determined the IP address, type it in along with username reach. The password is also reach.

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What browser are you using? Maybe someone else who has the same browser as you can verify if they are able to download logs or not.

With v0.4.6, we have added a check for application integrity which fixed the problem with logs not downloading. I would advise to try using ReachView in a different browser.

@keepclicking Did you solve your problem? Did you menage to insert password some way?

I have exactly the same problem…