Can't get correction data via pixhawk

Hi, I’m using RFD900+ Radio, reach and pixhawk for precise landing.
My problem is the correction data from base station.
It is good when I use tcp server/client. I can see the gray bar very smoothly.
But, When I use the “GPS Injection” in Mission Planner, I can see something data is on going, but I can see the gray bar very sparsely, sometimes, I can see nothing.
I set the reach modules and pixhawk as in emlid rtk docs(default).
And I updated entire reach modules.

Is there anybody know about this problem???
Am I missing something??

Hi @jaeho9929. Many of us are having this issue. It is being discussed here: . I did make some progress and was able to obtain fix very quickly several times the other day (although still can’t confirm that it works every time).

Thanks! @Juan_Diaz, I’ll check that Topic.