Can't find Static/Kinematic setting

I have a Reach RS2+ and I cannot find the static/dynamic setting mentioned on this page in the app: Settings overview | Reach RS2/RS2+

I have a working NTRIP correction input and can get FIX status. I also have the device configured to broadcast its own correction output over LoRA.

That page only shows me the elevation mask angle, SNR mask, GNSS systems, and GNSS update rate. I do not see anything about position mode.

I have firmware 31.8, app version 10.2, and am connected from an iPhone to the Reach over WiFi.

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Hi Thomas.

The Static / Kinematic setting has been depreciated. As it turns out, it was not applicable to the dual frequency receivers.


Hi Thomas,

I can confirm Dave’s words. From version 31, the Static mode is removed from the GNSS settings for the multi-band units. Tests showed that the results don’t differ much from Kinematic.

However, you still have the option to do Static processing in Emlid Studio.

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