Can't find Mount Point (on NTRIP CORS)

when connecting to a CORS service with login info, I go to the mount point list to select the closest station, the list loads (meaning that ip, user and pass are working) then select a mount point, save, on the correction setting screen a get this error "Can’t find Mount Point " see attached pic,
we try with many mount point from this CORS and almos all gives this error and cant get correcctions.

I contacted the support of this CORS and they say to check my config. coz they dont find any issue and no one has reported something like that.

these days I was trying on another gnss recierver from kolida using that same CORS and the kolida one connected to mount point and was reciving corrections without issue, but at the same time I was trying to do the same on the RS2+ with no luck. I used internet form sim installed on RS2+ and tryied with internet shared from phone with wifi hotspot, same result.

we are using latest version of emlid flow and latest stable (not beta) version of RS2+ and M2,
I checked this week they are updated.

today we see there is a new version to update, but since we are in the field working its dificult to update,

Hi @roger.itrans,

Could you tell me which NTRIP service you’re using and if it provides corrections in RTCM3 format? Please send the Full System Report from your device to as well. Thank you!

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hi, I found the issue, it was a limit in the number of receivers used at the same time per user in the cors account