Can't export point

can’t export point after firmware update 27 beta1 on RS2

Hi Milko,

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Please share some additional information about the issue so that I can get a full picture:

  • Which ReachView 3 version do you use? Is it installed on an Android or iOS device?

  • Do I understand correctly that the ReachView 3 app shows any errors when you try to export a survey project? If so, please provide me with a screenshot or screencast for a closer look.

I do not work with ReachView 3. I work with the application that is in the receiver itself.

Hi Milko,

  • Is there a chance you can export the project using another browser? Have you tried to install Reach Panel (ReachView) on your phone and export the project this way?

  • Could you clarify how many points the project contains? It’s needed to check if the issue may be related to the project size. Also, please let me know if you face the same issue when exporting other projects.

  • Please check if the issue persists when you use our newer ReachView 3 app. It’s a native app compared to the web-based Reach Panel, so you shouldn’t get the 404 error there. However, please note that it’s not possible to download projects collected with Reach Panel from ReachView 3. Reach Panel saves the projects on the receiver, while ReachView 3 stores them in the mobile device’s memory.

I am familiar with everything you describe and I have tried every way described. In ecosport, it generates a * .zip file from a mobile device, which is cluttered and does not open.

Hi Milko,

We managed to reproduce the issue with Reach Panel and will be working on a Fix. However, we haven’t met any issues with exporting projects from ReachView 3. If you tried to export projects via this app but faced any difficulties, please share the app’s version and tell me if the app shows any errors. You can check the ReachView 3 version in the Profile tab.

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Hi Milko,

The stable 27 version with a Fix for this issue is out. Please update your device and check if everything works as expected.

More details about the update are here: Reach Firmware 27 Update: Support for SIM Cards with Password Authentication and More

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