Can't enable mobile data on RS2

I have now inputted a SIM into RS2, but it will not let me turn the mobile data on. I have inputted APN for the EE network (“everywhere”) but the reachview client will not allow me to turn on mobile data. Frustrating as on-site and need to hire in equipment!

Hi Dave,

Please specify which mobile operator you use. It’d be also great if you could share the Full System Report from your device with me in PM as it might contain sensitive information.

Hi, thanks. Mobile operator is EE (in the uk). Can’t access full system report currently as not with the reach. Thanks

Don’t know if it can be of any help, but I remember the RS2 did not support 4G sim/networks

Oh dear, that is ridiculous. I’ll have to send it back as that’s what we are using and want a device that has the capability.


From the RS2 product page on their website:

“Reach RS2 features a power-efficient 3.5G HSPA modem with 2G fallback and global coverage.”

I know other manufacturers are having the same issue. When my old company was using some older Trimble gear (the newest versions are updating finally), they got a notification from Verizon that they were going to stop broadcasting the 2G signal!

Please check with Emlid before sending back. I don’t have that much experience with the built-in modem, and how it behave with an incompatible sim. But I recall to have read some posts here.
(Just want to avoid a potentially unneeded return…)

The mobile data will remain greyed out until the unit receives a cellphone signal. I think all carriers have 3g as backup signal even if they are offering 5g,4g,lte etc.

I have T-Mobile 4G SIM cards but on the ReachView app it only shows is 3G. I did not have to put in an APN number. but things can certainly be different here in the US

Why not just use your phone as a Wifi hotspot? Just leave it in your pocket and voilà. It doesn’t really chnge anything else.

It has the small disadvantage, you need to obey a specific sequence of actions:

  • start hotspot
  • power on (or reboot if it was on) reach

with sim in RS2, you just fire up the RS2 and you’re ready to go. This is also a huge benefit if you have to share the equipment with co-workers. It would be embarrassing if your co-workers discover the RTK-signal is lost because you had an urgent toilet visit :slight_smile:.
Wifi does indeed work, but embedded mobile data improves usability and reduces point of failures (once it works :slight_smile: )

Yes, using your phone as a wifi hotspot for RS2 means you have to ALWAYS be within several meters of the unit.

I mostly meant as a stopgap measure until the SIM card issue is resolved, not as a permanent solution.

Hi guys, thanks for the comments.

I’ve resolved the issue, was the location we were working in has only 4G and not 2/3.


Maybe I should rethink this one… mobile data coverage could be a problem in some places…

Dave, thanks for the update!

Reach RS2 does indeed work with the 3.5G only. We’re checking how we can add 4G support to future products.

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