Can't download vertical datum additional files

When I was setting up my emlid reach rs+ I was able to create a new survey project and set the coordinate reference system to (WGS 83 / UTM zone 10N) and downloaded the additional files under vertical datum on my iPhone. However, when my coworker connected to the reach rs+ and set the same coordinate system then went to download the additional files, an error popped up and we couldn’t download the files onto his iPhone. My coworker was still able to collect points on the survey but there is no map showing it is just a white screen with the base and rover icons and collected points. If anyone has any tips to trouble shoot this let me know!

It could be that the phone has no Internet access at this moment. If it is connected to the RS+ hotspot, and it has not mobile data activated, then there is no way it can download anything remotely, neither the geoid file nor the map in the project view.

You can download the geoid file beforehand on the phone, not being connected to the RS+. Once the project is created correctly, then you connect to the RS+ and start surveying.

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Hi Aidan,

Florian is right – looks like there’s no Internet access. Does it help if you connect Reach and the smartphone to another network?

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