Can't download a log from ReachView 3

i got the same problem now.

my mobile phone and my company’s tried to download the file it couldn’t

but i got the file with the laptop.

please tell me what is the problem

Hi @lim1992kr,

Couldn’t download a file error is just a symptom - there can be different reasons for that. Let’s check the setup and testing results from scratch to see what happens in your case:

  • Have you tried to download other logs? Does it work?

  • How much does the log weigh? Is there enough space in the mobile device’s memory?

  • What’s the mobile phone model you are working with and the Android version installed?

I’d suggest updating the ReachView 3 app and Reach firmware to the latest versions. If you still face the same issue, please share a Full System report from your Reach with me via

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Hi @lim1992kr,

Have you tried to update the app and firmware to the latest versions? Has it changed anything?

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